Charges & Billing

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Please take a few moments to read our Financial Responsibility Policy.

Financial Responsibility Policy

You will receive a bill from us, separate from and in addition to any charges from your surgeon and hospital / surgery center. Charges for our medical services are based upon the severity, complexity, and time associated with your procedure and care.

Regardless of your medical insurance coverage, our practice relies on you to settle your account. If you do not have insurance, payment arrangements are available. Please contact one of our representatives at 319-743-7300 to make payment arrangements for our physician charges.

Unpaid Balances and Uninsured Patients

Payment plans are available for those in need. MasterCard, Visa and Discover are accepted. Please contact one of our representatives at 319-743-7300 to make payment arrangements for our physician charges. We utilize a collection agency to assist us in collecting overdue balances.

Elective Surgeries

Some medical procedures are considered to be elective or not medically necessary. If your surgeon determines that your procedure will be considered elective by your insurance carrier, you will be asked to prepay for our services as well. Prepayment is required two weeks in advance of your surgery date. Failure to prepay will result in the cancellation of your surgery.

We work closely with your surgeon so as to accurately forecast the surgical time utilized to determine the charge for your elective surgery. However, should the procedure take significantly more or less time than originally estimated, an additional charge or refund may result.

Occasionally two procedures will be undertaken in a single surgical session. If only one portion of the surgery is covered by your insurance, a charge will be submitted to your insurance carrier for only that portion of the surgical time. The charges associated with elective portion will need to be prepaid. Because these surgeries tend to be less predictable as to the length of time associated with each portion of the surgery, a refund or additional billing for the elective portion may be necessary. You will be billed for any deductible, co-insurance or co-payment as well.

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